The Virtual Contract Research Organisation

If you were responsible for the most crucial clinical development programme of your organisation, and if you would have to rely on external service providers, how would you choose the best vendor(s)? As an experienced professional you would most probably collect requirements, send out RFIs and RFPs, compare the strengths and weaknesses of various CROs, and select the one which was closest to your requirements. At the highest level, these requirements typically refer to availability of technology and resources, geographical coverage, experience, and - last but not least - pricing. Unfortunately, miracles are truly hard to find, in particular when you need them – we know this and do accept it. But what if ...

Imagine a CRO which had exactly the technology you need. Which would have enough resour­ces, be exactly where you’d need it, and come at the price of a local niche CRO. Imagine this CRO would be created just for your project, and dissolve after completing it ...

This actually is ProjectPharm‘s virtual CRO model.

Due to our extensive worldwide network, we can set up co-operations with small, experienced, specialised niche CROs in every part of the world, just where you need them. We set up a pro­ject framework just for your project, including a project-specific QMS, and we plan, execute, and control the entire project just as if we were one big CRO – however this one comes at a very competitive price.

Our model focuses on selecting and bringing together exactly those vendors you need for your project, no matter how small or big, how simple or complex. Our approach includes extraordi­nary care and focus on investigational sites and other parties crucial to the success of the pro­ject, using sophisticated stakeholder management processes.

We have a proven track record of successfully completing highly complex projects with this model, including several projects with particular challenges or clinical trials which needed to be turned around

Contact us to know more about the virtual CRO model, and to obtain detailed information about what ProjectPharm can do for you.