Vendor Selection

When working with vendors, our customers make diverse experiences, which depend only partly on the vendor. Many times important factors contributing to difficulties in cooperation are difficult to grasp and are then being attributed to communication and cultural factors.

Due to the nature of the clinical trial business the scope of a project is rarely fully known when the respective vendor contracts are signed and therefore it is of utmost importance that both parties update the scope, scheduling and budgeting documentation on an ongoing basis, rectifying potentially erroneous assumptions underlying the contractual agreements as soon as this will be possible. Furthermore it is of very high importance to introduce a risk element in the budget plan, managed proactively from both sides, in order to ensure that threats are mitigated or eliminated and opportunities become more probable, or will be exploited.

ProjectPharm's has developped a consistent approach to vendor management, with full transparency right from the RFP process, which continues through contracting, vendor management during project execution and contract and project closure, ensuring no surprises on either side.