Project Management Consulting

Company maturity. Capabilities. Weaknesses. Business goals. Opportunities for improvement. We'll help you understand the connection. Our analysis of your company's project management maturity will improve project flow. The result: more efficiency, higher quality and reduced costs.

Project Cost and Budget Tracking

Transparency is key to successful project management. We'll teach you how to read, interpret and analyze all relevant financial information. After an initial review of the data, we'll work with you to create a plan of action to track costs and manage your budget. Furthermore, you'll be able to communicate more effectively with team members about project finances – and respond knowledgeably to their questions.

Planning and Forecasting for Small and Medium Size Companies

A successful business knows that good planning can help it stay ahead of the competition. We offer training in strategic planning, capital allocation, production, marketing and human resource management. Our courses are customized to fit your organization's unique characteristics, strengths and challenges. We'll train your workforce how to adapt quickly and efficiently to business decisions.

A Framework for Operational Quality

Our preferred format is to deliver information through a series of hands-on lessons – not boring lecture style. This helps employees stay engaged and motivated to learn new standard operating procedures, tools, and techniques. Our consultants will help you successfully manage the many components of a project – from initiation, change management, issue and risk management, testing and maintenance and contracting and investments - to project completion and documentation.

Project Management for Large Organizations

When it comes to complex projects of big companies, we are your ideal business partner. We'll support your organization through the development of departmental and/or company-wide procedures, policies and strategies. We offer custom Interim Management or standard Virtual Contract Research Organization services.

Make the connection

We want to guide you and your employees through the complex web of project management details.