ProjectPharm - A Project Management Think Tank

During the last 20 years, pharmaceutical development, and in particular the clinical part thereof, underwent substantial changes. The regulatory environment as well as pressure from competition and generic companies forced pharma companies developing ethical products to comply with an exponentially growing number of regulations of increasing complexity. At the same time they need to reduce their time to market in order to achieve a reasonable return of investment. As a consequence thereof the costs for research and development increased dramatically.

To face this challenge, it is necessary to successfully apply state of the art project management tools and techniques. Just like many other industries ProjectPharm has therefore adopted a systematic project management approach as well as proven and validated tools and techniques recommended by various project management standards (PMBoK, Agile, PRINCE-2). Furthermore, we are used to thinking out of the box when necessary, but we know when we have to keep inside the many GxP and other boxes which rule our business.

We strive to be up-to-date not only with the latest regulatory and legal requirements, but also with the newest developments in the art of project management, to ensure that we adapt our processes whenever a more effective approach is feasible. We do support pharmaceutical SMEs, biotech companies, and CROs with the implementation of these tools, techniques, and processes, and we are happy to develop different approaches which fit the organisational structure of our customers.

ProjectPharm built these elements into their processes, and builds their technology platforms in such way, that the demands of the regulators can be complied with as easily as possible, and at the same time the highest possible transparency for their sponsors is maintained.

ProjectPharm has a proven track record of pharmaceutical development programs and projects successfully completed on or ahead of time, as well as on or below budget.

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