Project Management Consulting / Organisational Project Management

The pharmaceutical industry has been recognising that project management is a key area for keeping times, costs, quality, risks and other factors of their complex research and development projects under control. This includes all sub-projects, such as manufacturing IMP for clinical trials, compiling CTDs, and – last but not least – clinical trials.

ProjectPharm specialists supported various customers – SMEs, Biotech companies, and CROs – with an optimisation of their project management processes. The target of such projects is not only to improve project performance by itself, but a standardisation of the respective project outputs also makes it easier to compile key performance data across all projects. This in turn allows program and portfolio managers as well as executive management to take strategic decisions on actual and current data, rather than having to rely on the subjective interpretations of heterogeneous data which are much more difficult to compare.

Through our consulting projects our customers achieved an improved integration of financial data from projects and accounting, obtaining reliable forecasts, effective cost-control, and anticipation of change requests. This is particularly important when working with vendors, since there is a human tendency to delay the communication of cost increases as much as possible.

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