As in the last years, instead of organizing Christmas party or buying gifts for employees and business partners ProjectPharm supported local children's home and the special kindergarten in Beroun, Czech Republic.

There is long term relationship between ProjectPharm and local institution taking care for children with hearing disorders and other special care needs. ProjectPharm donated 50.000 Czech crowns to the children's home, which is approximately 2.300 $.

Alexander Gissler, PMP, CEO & COO, ProjectPharm said, "I'm glad we could support again in this pre-Christmas time a children's home and a special kindergarten in Beroun, in a city where we love so much to live and work."



Alexander Gissler, PMP, CEO & COO, ProjectPharm trained 80 Chinese CRO professionals in Project Management at 2017 DIA China Clinical Project Management Workshop 101 in Beijing.


In November 20 - 22 2017 mostly Chinese clinical research professionals gathered in Xinjiang Plaza Hotel Beijing to attend a workshop organised by DIA (Drug Information Agency) focused on modern Project Management methods in CRO.

Alexander Gissler is experienced manager who held various senior positions in different Clinical Research Organisations, but he is also from 1999 certified as a Project Management Professional (APM).

In his lecture Alexander Gissler focused on how clinical research industry could realise significant improvements by applying Project Management tools and techniques and how companies can achieve better than average benchmarks with their pharmaceutical projects.

Goal of Mr. Gissler was to train attendees state-of-the-art PM techniques e.g. PM Framework, PM Documents, Scope Management, Scheduling, Budgeting and Cost Control, Quality Management and Risk Management. After the workshop participants received their Project Management certification.

In a near future we plan to repeat this workshop and to add other one with advanced level.

Would you like to know more about how to apply Project Management in your clinical studies or attend one of our courses and become certified Project Management professional? Just send as an email to or or give us a call at +420 299 143 001.




Are you managing the clinical research study and it is over the budget and deep below recruitment targets? Mr. Alexander Gissler, PMP, CEO & COO, ProjectPharm presented at 1st Kiev Clinical Research Forum to 250 guests from all over the world, how involving virtual Contract Research Organisation can rescue such a study.

He was one of the main speakers at this conference, which took place on November 9 -10, 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. His presentation showed on the example of Heart Failure Study, how to change the impending disaster in the success.

If you want to know more about modern trends in clinical research, our virtual CRO, project management services or training, just let us know. We will be happy to tell you more.

And for the first five companies we have a special bonus, gap analysis of PMS/ PM processes with a value of 3 000 EUR free of charge. Offer is valid till 20 December 2017.

Jitka Kotasová
Marketing and Sales
ProjectPharm s.r.o.
+420 299 143 001

November 9 -10, 2017; Kiev, Ukraine

The 1st Kiev Clinical Forum brings together international experts from industry, regulatory agencies, academia and non-profit boards to share views and knowledge on clinical research among all the participants, providing awesome opportunities for networking and discussion between speakers and audience.


Alexander E. A. GISSLER, PMP, CEO & COO, ProjectPharm will be one of the main speakers. His presentation will concentrate on advanced clinical outsourcing models. He will demonstrate by means of a case study, how a virtual Contract Research Organisation can rescue a study running tremendously short on recruitment, whilst budget and timelines are threatening to explode.
ProjectPharm and Pharmaplex accepted the challenge of rescuing such a project. The mission was to complete recruitment in no more than 1 year (due to a deadline imposed by a competent authority) and contain the budget as much as possible.

Finally, recruitment was completed with a slight over-recruitment and 9 months after the start of the rescue project; the final cost was within the anticipated limit of 200% of the original budget.
If you would like to know more about this case study or our work in general, meet us at the Kiev Clinical Research Forum. Please send an email to and we will arrange a meeting with Alexander Gissler.


More about the conference:



Dr. Kateřina Purchartová, Assoc. PM, actively participated at the workshop organised by DIA on Benefit/Risk Strategy. New benefit risk regulation (guideline on Risk Management Plane, ICH M4E R2) were discussed with expert from EMA and practical aspects of these guidelines were presented by key opinion leaders from pharma companies. Here are the main topics of the workshop:

  • Implementation of the ICH Guidelines
  • Update of GVP Module V – Improving the Risk Management Systems
  • Digital Tools for Minimising Risks
  • PRAC Referrals – Lessons Learned

Dr. Kateřina Purchartová, Associate Project Management, and Alexander Gissler, PMP, CEO and COO of ProjectPharm, attended the Bionnale in Berlin. We attended appealing presentations and workshops, and met customers and partners to discuss interesting development projects. We look forward to future cooperation with partners we met during these face-to-face meetings.


We are pleased to inform you about ProjectPharm’s presence at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe 2016. The conference takes place 16-17 November 2016 in Vienna.

Save the date: Our CEO & COO, Alexander Gissler, will co-moderate an interactive hub with the title "Full Service versus Functional Outsourcing", which will take place on November 18, at 1400 hours.

Maria Feudell and Alexander Gissler will be happy to meet you - please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting. See you soon in Vienna!


We have the pleasure of welcoming Kateřina Purchartová at ProjectPharm. Kateřina has been working as a R&D specialist at Medicem, a Czech company focused on developing and marketing medical devices. She will support our team as Associate Project Manager and Quality Manager. Kateřina has her doctoral degree in biochemistry, gained at the Charles University Prague, where she has also been active as a scientist (Czech Academy of Sciences). Kateřina is experienced in drug formulation, development of medical devices, project planning and management. We look forward to working with her.


The Virtual CRO is a new model of partnership between sponsors and contract research organisations. It is an advantageous blend of the strategic partnerships which have been in the rise between big players during the last few years, and the older model of requesting RFPs to a selection of CROs for each individual project to be outsourced. The virtual CRO model allows sponsors to use a global workforce with no resource restrictions, at the same time keeping the prices at a significantly lower level than what is possible for big CROs.

This webinar will explore:

- The most common outsourcing strategies
- Sponsor expectations from the respective strategies, and degree of satisfaction
- Intrinsic advantages and disadvantages of the various strategies
- The virtual CRO model
- Advantages and limitations of the virtual CRO model

Alexander Gissler is the founder and CEO & COO of ProjectPharm, a niche CRO providing project management services in the area of pharmaceutical development in general and clinical trials in particular.

Click the link to join the webinar on Wed, Sep21, 2016 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST:

Alexander will be joining over 120 other industry leaders speaking at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe conference in Vienna on 16-17 November 2016. Find all the details here: Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:


What does Virtual CRO actually mean?

Despite the concept has been discussed for some years now, the virtual CRO model has not been implemented by many CROs yet. The reasons may be manifold, including the lack of competence in project management, which – according to Alexander Gissler, ProjectPharm’s CEO and COO, is one of the areas with the highest potential for improvement in pharmaceutical research and development in general, and in the CRO world in particular. It’s not without reason that an increasing number of clients realise that the success of their projects, (not only) when outsourced to CROs, heavily depends on the quality of the project manager.

ProjectPharm takes up the virtual CRO model takes up at exactly this point: we take advantage of our unparalleled competence and knowledge in Project Management, and buy-in services from various vendors to make up a virtual project team, built uniquely for one project, and which is going to dissolve upon its completion. This model could be compared to a huge matrix organisation, with the difference that we can choose our team members from an almost unlimited offer of service providers, whilst organisations – even when having a headcount of 30.000 – have to assign resources depending on availability rather than on competence, experience, location, and price.

We feel that this model, despite our profit from “insourced” services is none or very limited, is to our customers’ benefit, and our experience over the past almost 7 years only confirms our opinion.


Recommended literature: CAPM Book

Should you be interested to familiarise with the topics contained in PMBoK, an international standard of Project Management recognised by the American National Standard Institute, ANSI, we can highly recommend Joseph E. Phillips’ textbook “CAPM/PMP Project Management Certification All-In-One Exam Guide”. Despite its title, the book is an excellent explanation of the PMBoK standard, and we firmly recommend it to anybody who would like to gather a deeper understanding of project management processes in general and PMBoK in particular.


ProjectPharm attends the Bionnale in Berlin

Maria Feudell, Associate Quality and Project Management, and Alexander Gissler, PMP, CEO and COO of ProjectPharm, will attend the Bionale in Berlin. We look forward to attending appealing presentations and workshops, and to meeting customers and partners to discuss interesting development projects. Please do contact us directly or via the congress’ matchmaking  service to agree on a schedule for a face-to-face meeting.


Advanced Project Management Course in Basel

Training Basel

From March 9-11, and April 4-6, ProjectPharm’s CEO and COO, Alexander Gissler taught “Project Management in Medicines Development” at the University of Basel, an optional module for the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Clinical Research. Gissler said, “it was an enthusing experience to work with an international group composed of young postgraduates and seasoned professionals, all very motivated and hard-working during these two sessions. Whilst working through the case studies the groups came up with various very interesting scenarios and ideas, which are worth considering and developing for real-life projects. Whilst teaching is always a very demanding task, the participants generally give back much more and motivate us to continue with this work."


ProjectPharm presents at the Career Day at the Faculty of Natural of Sciences of Charles University

IMG 20160330 150505

ProjectPharm presented its product portfolio at the career day of the Life Sciences Faculty at the Charles University in Prague. The purpose of this event is introducing the industry work environment to students and postgraduates of the Charles University. Most presenting companies came - similarly to ProjectPharm  – from the life sciences sector. ProjectPharm raised highest interest with their poster outlining the virtual CRO model, which is deemed being one of the industry’s most promising business models for outsourcing pharmaceutical development projects, in particular clinical trials.






Career Day at Charles University in Prague

Mirka Macourková and Alexander Gissler from ProjectPharm will attend the Career Day of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University, looking forward to presenting our company to  students and graduates interested to joining a leading provider of project management services for the pharmaceutical industry. We will be available throughout the entire day at our stand, and Alexander Gissler will also give a short lecture on the company’s business and ProjectPharm’s approach to its challenges. This career day is an ideal opportunity for students and graduates to inform themselves on our unique approach, and consider whether they may be interested in joining ProjectPharm at this or at a later stage. The career day will be held at Albertov 6, Prague 2.